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Action from a Recent Customer Service Bus Tour
The Sheraton Perth Hotel - Mr Antony Page
Antony Page, Food, Beverage and Operations Manager, at the Sheraton Perth Hotel, explains some of the benefits one is provided in the magnificent Presidential Suite - a room not many of us get to see! Just in case you are wondering, the other members of the tour are in various parts of the suite - exploring its many rooms... Later on in the visit, Antony explained how the Sheraton Perth does much behind the scenes to ensure that customers are provided top class service.


Australia Post - Mr Chris Cole

Chris Cole, on site at an Australia Post outlet, explains how the organisation was able to orchestrate an incredible change in the corporate culture. In years gone by, it would not be unfair to describe the culture of Australia Post to be that of a classical bureaucratic nature. In just a few short years, the team has turned full circle, and is now totally customer focussed - often applying very smart retail principles.


Messages on Hold - Mr Dean Kellett

Messages on Hold are fast becoming one of Australia's most recognised companies - ask anyone about the name behind the hand behind the football goals! Dean Kellett (left) showed us that there is more - much more - to Messages on Hold than their brilliant 'Ambush Marketing' strategies. Their commitment to being different, their fantastic systems for contacting and keeping customers, and their dedication to high quality service and products go part way to explain why Messages on Hold have won national Australian Customer Service Awards.


Subiaco Football Ground - Mr Wayne Bradshaw

This may be the first and last time these people have ever set foot on the hallowed turf at Subiaco Football Ground! After its extensive renovations, Wayne Bradshaw was kind enough to give us a tour of the new stands and facilities. More importantly, he was willing to share his philosophy on service. As the Manager of facilities as part of the WA Football Commission, Wayne explained that he is not in the sporting business - but rather the entertainment business. As such, his commitment to service is truly impressive.
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