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Customer Service Bus Tours
Amazing Opportunities to Revolutionise Service

Over the past four years, Keystone Management Services has been involved in a series of incredible events - Customer Service Bus Tours!

These full day events involve up to 20 people boarding a coach and visiting four organisations. At each site we get a 'back-room' tour of the premises, and one or more of the managers share their views on the importance of service, along with the specific strategies they deploy to be deliver outstanding service.

Email us at bustourinfo@keystone-management.com or call (61 8) 9448 4571 for more details. 

The feedback from these tours as been nothing short of remarkable! Download a pdf file on the tours here.


Read some testimonials

Peter Ormond, QANTAS

Great mixture of fun and learning. Rejuvenating.


Jackie Higgins, Sealcorp

My expectations of this day were quite high: they were more than met! In actual fact, I have a renewed passion as a result of each of the visits! For this - I thank you! I've learned some great tools which I'm looking forward to putting into practice.


Cheryl Sproul, Busrwood International Resort Casino

Super day! Well put together, great to be able to discuss similar issues with different organisations. Very valuable information and ideas exchanged.


Michelle Bastion, MRWA

Fantastic day - I can't believe how much valuable information was crammed into one day (24 hrs into 8 hrs!) Wonderful networking opportunity. Felt privileged to share these organisations' secrets of success. Thanks Steve.


Tony Ciallela, Managing Director, Gryphon Consultants Pty Ltd

Exceptionally well organised and delivered. Thank you Steve, well worth the investment. You under-promised and over-delivered.


Stephen Jones, City of Stirling

The day was exceptionally well organised, and I personally learnt a great deal.


Kevin Chennell, Campus Manager, West Coast College

Very enjoyable, well catered, food great, good mix of attendees. Able to consider best aspects of several organisations and think about application in our organisation. A positive, upbeat day.


Jurek Leon, Terrific Trading


I will be recommending to my clients that they come on your Bus Tour. It is a fantastic insight into how organisations are meeting the service challenge. Great to see organisations in different industries. Well done.


David Ewen, Service Manager, McInerney Ford



Informative day, learnt about companies that I now perceive differently. It is good to see the internals of other peoples’ organisations.


Kieran Tynan, Department of Training and Employment

Very interesting day, provides a great insight into how various organisations approach customer service and it also gives you the opportunity to see it in action.


Peter Ferry, State Franchisor, Jim’s Mowing

Found the day to be extremely useful and appreciated the opportunity to visit four businesses and look behind the scenes in dealing with customer service. A unique concept – well done.


Simon Fermanis, Government Employees Superannuation Board

Steve – I thoroughly enjoyed the day. It was very educational and comprehensive. Keep up the good work. I look forward to attending more tours in the future.


John Steyntjes, Water Corporation

Excellent. Well worthwhile.


Megan Edwards, Water Corporation

Great variety of businesses. Eloquent speakers who were all passionate and wonderful marketers of their companies. Even the bus driver was a master of marketing and well informed on business and customer service concepts. We have won a national Australian Customer Service Award and I found this tour a rather humbling experience.


Claire Dyson, Hungry Jacks

Great day – excellent to hear what strategies people have in place and to be able to relate that back to our business. I think UGRs are the secret to helping to make all the rest of it work.


Greg Stewart, Retail Manager, Total Eden

Great day overall – collected points and issues at each of the places which I feel will greatly benefit Total Eden.

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