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UGRs™ - Cracking the corporate culture code

Strategies to Create a Culture of Service

  • Why is customer satisfaction on the decline worldwide?
  • Why are so many so called 'customer centric' strategies failing to make an impact?
  • Why are organizational cultures so intransigent?

These are just some of the questions that have lead ground breaking author Steve Simpson to write this book. In compelling style, Simpson contends that many organizations have got it wrong in their approaches to service improvement. He argues the case for organisations to centre-in on the key determinant of business performance – their culture.

What truly sets this book apart is its introduction of a potent yet simple concept, termed ‘UGRs™’. You are taken on a journey that demonstrates the power of UGRs™ to dictate corporate performance, and most importantly you are guided through a range of strategies that will enable you to unleash a service revolution. This 152 page book is a must for managers who are serious about profiting from a culture of service.

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Read some testimonials

Kevin Goodenough, IT Service Director Zurich Financial Services, UK

'Seen the presentation; watched the CD; just had to get the book! A great reinforcement of some key guiding principles and barriers to the HR aspects of enacting change. By using some of the techniques we are starting to create a new DNA for our team. There's no quick fix but the book provides some important tips to identify the fuel you will need to get started on the journey and how to find the gas stations along the way.'


Arthur Kyron, CEO, Town of Claremont

'This is one of my favourite books in my management library. The book is to the point and contains such a powerful message that is yet so obvious. Every member of your organisation should be encouraged to read the book or hear about UGRs™.'


Roger Andrew, CEO and Managing Director, Andrew Publishing House

‘The concept of UGRs™ makes so much sense to so many people at all levels Steve – I know you’re on to something really important in this area.’


Professor Ron Cacioppe, Managing Director, Senior Management Centre

'I am certain that Steve Simpson has discovered a simple yet profound approach to organizational culture that can be of tremendous value to managers and human resource professionals.’


Carla Frayne, Registered Psychologist, Prime Employee Assistance Services

'A great read, well written and vital for today's leaders and managers.'


Jurek Leon, Terrific Trading

'I've read your book and it's a UGR™ - Unbelievably Good Read!'


Peter Krantz, Iona

'An insightful and stimulating look on how to understand and impact organisational culture. This book helped me to see how easy it is to take the first important steps towards a healthier and more effective work environment.'


Rebecca Foulkes-Taylor, United Farmers Co-operative
  'This book manages to show the real reasons behind why organisations succeed. The concept of UGRs™ has given us a powerful approach to service our customers for service improvement.'


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