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Just when you thought every leadership concept had been identified in the management world! The management of UGRs and organisational culture is THE leadership imperative of this era. Steve Simpson's presentation was practical, entertaining and inspiring; identifying the foundation of successful leadership in a style and language that is appealing to all levels of the organisation. My staff and I found it extremely valuable.

Shane Fracchia
Holy Spirit Home

Your presentation style and delivery skills are perfectly matched to the subject. No nonsense, stimulating, practical and entertaining. To use a metaphor, it's like erecting a mirror for any organisation to look into and do something about its make-up. And you've done this brilliantly. What an effective way to get the concept of UGRs across.

Well done

Paul S. Rolek
Innovation and Workforce Reform Directorate

The insight that Steve provided during his presentation on UGRs was exceptional and revealing. He articulated concepts that most people are unconsciously aware of, but unable to express. Steve's ability to include the audience and have fun while still getting the point very much across is excellent.

Christina Moser MBA, MHA&IS, BN, RN,
Clinical Information Systems - Application Analyst
Uniting Health Care

Steve is a refreshing speaker who is able to deliver his material (which in itself is interesting in its content) in a way that holds your attention. He reads the audience very well and uses the vibe of the room to not only illustrate points, but also to entertain.

By the way, I am actually the State Branch Registrar of the ACHSE so I attend most of our educational and conference activities. You are among the group of the best speakers that we have had over the years, which is in itself a fairly distinguished list, well done.


Graham Smith
Queensland Health

I found Steve Simpson's presentation on UGRs to be insightful, informative and so true. His presentation has made me aware of detecting UGRs around me. His style of presentation was engaging and entertaining. I have no hesitation in recommending Steve as a speaker at any future occasion.

Debra Thompson
AMA Queensland

It was obvious to me that you have developed the ability to engage an audience right from the opening statement. I found you presentation both informative and very interesting. Your regular injections of humour and candid observations 'warmed' the audience to your topic. The use of video media as an illustration and 'teaching tool' I see but rarely and it is evidence of your commitment to 'educating' the audience. If I had to rate your talk it would get 9 out of 10 (only because I don't ever regard anything as perfect).

Peter Crofts
Special Counsel
Corrs Chambers Westgarth

Once again, thank you for your presentation on UGRs yesterday morning at Lennon's Plaza Hotel. I found your presentation very informative, well-delivered and it sparkled with great sense of humour.

Hoteliers International is a event management company and we will use your services as a speaker at the next opportunity.

Also, we will recommend you to other industry colleagues unreservedly.

With best regards
Chris Novak
Hoteliers International

I really enjoyed the ACHSE breakfast presentation I attended on the 8th December. Your presentation on the subject of UGRs was the best that I have attended this year. You make the subject come alive with your knowledge and enthusiasm and use of humour.

You engaged the audience from start to finish and left them wanting more. Your presentation style was inclusive of the audience and the examples and the use of multi-media and the anecdotes quoted were very relevant and made the subject matter very clear.

Thanks very much, I hope I have the opportunity to attend one of your presentations in the future.

Sue Day
Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane

I doubt I'll ever be free from the UGR infection now that I've heard your enlightening presentation on the organisational tell-tales to cultural mores.

As collateral damage, I find myself constantly re-evaluating my own language to remove my sub-conscious messages and perceptions on informal culture.

As for the messages broadcast at interagency meetings, it is extraordinary to note who lives with positive UGRs and who's better to have stayed silent.

Steve, the impact of your presentation is likely to have a serious and long term impact on my psyche. It must help my consulting and management skills. I may not recall the witticisms but at least I have "Cracking the Corporate Culture Code" as a content souvenir.

Thanks heaps.

Joe Scharf
Staff Search Data Services

Steve is an engaging speaker with a mandate to inform and entertain- which is quite a rare mix in a speaker. He meets the audience where they're at, but really challenges their thought processes. Steve had every delegate at our table either in stiches or nodding ruefully in recognition of a painful truth! It's refreshing to be part of a presentation that's alive rather than yet another passive 'lecture'. Highly recommended.

Kate Harris
West Moreton Health Service District
Queensland Health

I would like to record my appreciation for your talk at the ACHSE breakfast Forum of 8 December.

Given the over crowded room and the under performance of the room air conditioning, the prevailing atmosphere must have presented a challenge to engage your audience. However, you pulled off the presentation with aplomb.

I congratulate you on your active and engaging style and your ability to grab the audience right from the start and hold them with you to the end of your presentation. Personally, I found your talk informative and insightful, yet presented in such a way that experience was a lot of fun.

Thank you again and I wish you all the success in the future.

Paul Monaghan
Executive Director Finance
Corporate Office
Queensland Health

I am just writing to provide feedback on the presentation you gave to ACHSE members. As a psychologist who works with companies privately on team work issues I found the presentation exceptionally thought provoking. It was very interesting to hear of your research and your work with UGRs. Thank you for a vibrant and enthusiastic talk that left the audience with food for thought.

Romana Bowd BSc(AppPsych) BSc(Hons) A/M.A.P.S.
Telehealth Facilitator / PhD Candidate
Statewide Telehealth Services

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