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Masterclass at the HRD 2009 Conference, Excel Convention Centre, London

Steve, with your concept of UGRs I feel that you have unlocked the secret to the understanding of a very complex subject – more importantly making it very understandable to CEOs who may normally not be too keen to listen about “intangible matters?!

However I must also admit that such a valuable and relevant message could not have possibly come across the great audience at this master class presentation with such conviction had it not been for the extremely energising and lively presentation that you gave. You managed to engage the audience from the very start till the very end and it was actually quite sad to realise that the time was up!

I do not hesitate to state that your presentation was the best out of the 9 I had the opportunity to listen to at this year’s CIPD conference.

The passion with which you communicated your material was contagious indeed so much so that whenever you asked for feedback from the audience, this was forthcoming with great eagerness, showing that everyone had grasped the concept in a relatively short span of time!

The visuals used were strikingly varied to ensure the complete attention of everyone in the conference hall. It was a top class presentation from a top class professional. I look forward to doing further work with you in the near future.

Best Regards,
Michael Mifsud
Human Resources Manager
Expekt.com Ltd

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